Saturday, July 30, 2011

With Nannie's help

   I never met Nannie Jeter. She died about a year and a half before I was born.
   That is . . . until today.
   I received a request through FindAGrave for a photo of her headstone in Midway Cemetery near Midway, Kentucky.
   The cemetery itself was easy enough to find even though I hadn't been there before.

   It's a lovely cemetery, but very big.  When I parked the car I said to my wife, "This is a waste of time. We'll never find it."
   I didn't have a map or a section number, just the name.
   But we got out and started to walk as we've done for years, scanning the stones we could see from the roadway looking for Jeter.
   No luck.

   Finally I stopped. "Come on, Nannie. Show me."
   I wandered rather aimlessly, I thought, repeating the mantra, "Show me, Nannie."
   Finally I stopped and turned and faced a row of stones. There about 10 feet away . . . was Nannie's stone.

   It was scary. It was chilling. It raised the hair on the back of my neck.
   Was it blind luck or . . . something else?
   I don't know and I don't wish to start a debate.
   But, "Thank you, Nannie!"


  1. Wow-that is something. Nannie was my 3rd Great Aunt so I never got to meet her but this makes me wonder a little about her. I think she wanted to be found and remembered! Thank you so much for taking the time and finding her for me. Shannon

  2. When we were looking for the Gills in a Chicago cemetery a few weeks ago I walked in more or less a straight line to their headstone. Granted, we had a smaller area to search, but we found them in what, a minute and a half?