Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coming soon

   To a computer screen near you . . .
   The 1940 Census.
   Let me tell you who I'm going to look for first . . . ME!
   Yup, I confess, I'm that old. Well, just barely, actually. In the 1940 census I should be listed as "10/12" of a year old living with my parents and grandparents at the Flat Iron, a country store in Indiana.
   This may be the only search I do in the raw microfilm images (no scratched-up microfilm, all digital images, all free).
   I'm confident. I'll wait for the indexing to be completed.

   So, let's get with it, folks. I don't want to wait forever.
   If you are not already an indexer, get started today so you'll be up and running by April 2. Go to this website. Follow the instructions to download and run the software. You will be prompted to create an account.
   That's all there is to it.
   But, before you download that first batch, read the tutorial. I recommend going to the Help menu first and clicking the Resource Guide. Or just go here.

   In the center top portion of the page, select Indexing Tutorial. You might also want to download the User Guide and leave it on your desktop for ready reference if you have a question.
   Then download your first batch. Pick an easy one to start.

   Every time I find a new record on FamilySearch, it reminds me to give something back -- index something for someone else to find.
   I don't find it a chore. I enjoy indexing. I've been doing it for several years and I think I've indexed a little over 14,000 names. That's not really a lot compared to what some really dedicated indexers have done.
   Every little bit helps. You do your part and I will too.

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